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Posted By Kevin Lopez 10;55 AM (9/22/10)

All Referee's will be explaining to all coaches this week Rule #5 & Rule # 11....Just to clarify within an entire game there are 3 sets.  Within each set your allowed one time out & six substitutions, for instance if all three sets are played a team could have up to 3 time outs & 18 substitutions.


Set 1 would be one timeout & six subs, Set 2 would be one timeout & six subs, & if it goes to a third set it would be one timeout & six subs.  I hope this has cleared up any confusion & good luck to everyone!


Posted by Kevin Lopez 2:55 PM (9/12/10)

 Coach's meeting will  be held on Wednesday September 15, 2010 in the Learning Center at the Benavides Club located at 500 Moctezuma. The meeting will begin promptly at 5:00 PM.


Posted By Kevin Lopez 2:55 PM (9/12/10)

The Volleyball season will begin Tuesday Septemeber 21, 2010.  The schedules will be uploaded later this week.



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