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(1st A) Benavides 1
(1st A) Benavides 2
(1st A) Blessed Sac.
(1st A) Borchers
(1st A) Leyendecker
(1st A) Milton
(1st A) Newman
(1st A) Nye
(1st A) Ruiz
(1st A) United Day
(1st A) Zachry
(2nd 2A) Benavides 2
(2nd 2A) Borchers
(2nd 2A) Centeno
(2nd 2A) Guadalupe
(2nd 2A) Ruiz 2
(2nd 2A) United Day
(2nd 2A) Zaffirini
(2nd 3A) Benavides 1
(2nd 3A) Malakoff
(2nd 3A) Newman
(2nd 3A) Nye
(2nd 3A) Ruiz 1
(2nd 3A) Salinas
(2nd 3A) Trautmann
(2nd A) Benavides 3
(2nd A) Dovalina
(2nd A) Ligarde
(2nd A) Milton
(2nd A) Ryan
(2nd A) S. Ochoa
(2nd A) Tarver
(2nd A) Zachry
(3rd 2A) *United Day
(3rd 2A) Benavides
(3rd 2A) Borchers 1
(3rd 2A) Malakoff
(3rd 2A) Mary Help
(3rd 2A) Nye
(3rd 2A) Trautmann 1
(3rd 2A) Zaffirini
(3rd A) Borchers 2
(3rd A) Bruni
(3rd A) J.C. Martin
(3rd A) Ligarde
(3rd A) Ryan
(3rd A) Santa Maria
(3rd A) Tarver
(3rd A) Trautmann 2
(4th 2A) Benavides 2
(4th 2A) Cuellar
(4th 2A) De Llano 2
(4th 2A) Mary Help
(4th 2A) Newman
(4th 2A) Nye
(4th 2A) Ruiz 2
(4th 2A) Ryan 1
(4th 2A) Salinas
(4th 3A) B. Garcia
(4th 3A) Benavides 1
(4th 3A) Borchers
(4th 3A) De Llano 1
(4th 3A) Malakoff 1
(4th 3A) Ruiz 1
(4th 3A) St. Nino
(4th 3A) Trautmann
(4th A) Zachry
(4th A) Bruni
(4th A) Harmony
(4th A) J.C. Martin
(4th A) Ligarde
(4th A) Milton
(4th A) Ryan 2*
(4th A) S. Ochoa
(5h 4A) Malakoff
(5th 2A) Borchers 2
(5th 2A) J.C. Martin
(5th 2A) Leyendecker
(5th 2A) Ligarde
(5th 2A) Milton
(5th 2A) S. Ochoa
(5th 2A) St. Nino
(5th 2A) Zachry
(5th 3A) Benavides 2
(5th 3A) Clark
(5th 3A) J. Lincoln
(5th 3A) Newman
(5th 3A) St. Augustine
(5th 3A) St. Peters
(5th 4A) Benavides 1
(5th 4A) Borchers 1
(5th 4A) De Llano
(5th 4A) Fasken
(5th 4A) Muller
(5th 4A) Perez
(5th 4A) Ruiz
(5th A) Bruni
(5th A) D.D. Hachar
(5th A) Farias
(5th A) Guadalupe
(5th A) Harmony
(5th A) Heights
(5th A) Macdonell
(6th A) Gonzalez M.
(6th A) Mary Help
(6th A) Memorial M.
(6th A) Trautmann M. 1
(6th A) Trautmann M. 2
(6th A) Trautmann M. 3
(6th A) U. South M.
(6th A) United Day
(6th A) United M.

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