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(1st 2A) A. Pierce 2
(1st 2A) Don Gallego
(1st 2A) Dovalina
(1st 2A) Farias
(1st 2A) Ryan 2
(1st 2A) Santa Maria
(1st 2A) Santo Niņo 2
(1st 2A) Tarver
(1st 3A) A. Pierce 1
(1st 3A) B. Sacrament
(1st 3A) Harmony
(1st 3A) Ligarde
(1st 3A) Milton
(1st 3A) Ryan 1
(1st 3A) Santo Niņo 1
(1st 3A) St. Augustine
(1st 4A) Benavides 4
(1st 4A) Guadalupe
(1st 4A) Kazen
(1st 4A) M. Help 2
(1st 4A) Muller
(1st 4A) Prada
(1st 4A) U. Day 2
(1st 4A) Zaffirini
(1st 5A) B. Garcia
(1st 5A) Benavides 3
(1st 5A) Fasken
(1st 5A) M. Help 1
(1st 5A) Malakoff 3
(1st 5A) Nye 3
(1st 5A) Salinas
(1st 5A) U. Day 1
(1st 6A) Benavides 2
(1st 6A) Borchers 2
(1st 6A) Gutierrez 2
(1st 6A) Killam 2
(1st 6A) Malakoff 2
(1st 6A) Nye 2
(1st 6A) Ruiz 2
(1st 6A) Trautmann 2
(1st 7A) Benavides 1
(1st 7A) Borchers 1
(1st 7A) De Llano
(1st 7A) Gutierrez 1
(1st 7A) Killam 1
(1st 7A) Malakoff 1
(1st 7A) Nye 1
(1st 7A) Ruiz 1
(1st 7A) Trautmann 1
(1st A) Benavides 1 Girls
(1st A) Benavides 2 Girls
(1st A) Borchers Girls
(1st A) De Llano Girls
(1st A) Milton Girls
(1st A) Muller 1 Girls
(1st A) Muller 2 Girls
(1st A) Nye Girls
(1st A) Ruiz 1 Girls
(1st A) Ruiz 2 Girls
(Kinder 2A) A. Pierce
(Kinder 2A) Dovalina
(Kinder 2A) Guadalupe
(Kinder 2A) Heights
(Kinder 2A) Kawas
(Kinder 2A) Macdonell
(Kinder 2A) Ryan
(Kinder 2A) St. Augustine 1
(Kinder 2A) Tarver
(Kinder 3A) B. Garcia
(Kinder 3A) Clark
(Kinder 3A) Finley
(Kinder 3A) Kazen
(Kinder 3A) Malakoff 3
(Kinder 3A) Newman
(Kinder 3A) Nye 3
(Kinder 3A) U. Day 2
(Kinder 3A) Zaffirini
(Kinder 4A) Benavides 2
(Kinder 4A) Borchers 2
(Kinder 4A) De Llano
(Kinder 4A) Gutierrez 2
(Kinder 4A) Malakoff 2
(Kinder 4A) Nye 2
(Kinder 4A) Ruiz 2
(Kinder 4A) Trautmann 2
(Kinder 4A) U. Day 1
(Kinder 5A) Benavides 1
(Kinder 5A) Borchers 1
(Kinder 5A) Gutierrez 1
(Kinder 5A) Killam
(Kinder 5A) Malakoff
(Kinder 5A) Nye 1
(Kinder 5A) Ruiz 1
(Kinder 5A) Salinas
(Kinder 5A) Trautmann 1
(Kinder A) Benavides Girls
(Kinder A) Guadalupe Girls
(Kinder A) Lollipop 1
(Kinder A) Lollipop 2
(Kinder A) Nye 4
(Kinder A) Ruiz Girls
(Kinder A) St. Augustine 2
(Kinder A) U. Day 3

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